Top Three Email Apps for Android Phones

Emails have become a major means of communication. As compared to traditional means of communication where people converted through the use of letters, messengers, and the likes, emails have brought relief in the sense that communication has become very fast. Through the aid of the internet, email apps act as a medium where people send, receive and read emails from all over the world at any given time since it does not have any geographical barrier. It is also very cheap especially when using broadband as every email sent is free. The top three email apps for androids are the Typeapp email app, outlook email app, and Gmail.

  1. Typeapp

Typeapp as an email app has been creatively and beautifully designed to provide high quality emailing experience. It enables you to manage and control all your accounts from one highly customized application.

Typeapp supports IMAP, POP3, and other exchange protocols such as EAS by configuring them on your behalf as you sign in.

Tasks such as filtering the read and unread mail is done for you. This saves you a lot of time which would have otherwise been wasted as you go through the tedious task of arranging and rearranging.

Typeapp is also highly secure as it utilizes the industry’s leading encryption devices such as SMS encryption and lock screen which helps to protect your mail.

  1. Outlook

When using outlook on androids, you are able to manage many other accounts since it merges mails from Yahoo, Gmail and more in one place. It also helps you to manage your calendar, contacts and other files without switching in between accounts and apps.

When using outlook, you are able to schedule your meets as well as share your calendar availability with those you so wish. It also allows you to prioritize on your most important emails into a focused inbox where they are easy to retrieve.

When using outlook, a single screen swipe is enough to help you archive or delete messages of your choice. Besides that, you are given an option to reschedule messages you would want back into your inbox at a later date.

Finally, the outlook has an option in which you can share files from one drive to another, Dropbox, and even Google Drive accounts.

  1. Gmail

Gmail is one of the easiest email apps to use. It is very fast as its push notifications help you get your messages instantly with an option to read and respond online or offline.

Gmail contains a very organized inbox. This helps to save a lot of time as everything is well arranged and easy to find.

To safeguard your mail, Gmail blocks spam before they even reach your inbox. Thus your account and messages are always safe and secure.

Gmail, similar to the other email apps, to some level supports multiple accounts such as Yahoo,, and other non-Gmail accounts. All these work together to ensure that a clear and well-organized flow of communication is achieved for you without too much strain.


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