Best Robot Vacuum

Time is the best and expensive thing in our busy lives. People from the megapolises over all world who have the crazy rhythm of their life want to spend free time for enjoying or relaxing. And the house’s cleaning isn’t one which they want to do after the busy day. And of course, they try to find someone or something for save the time. Some of them hire a housekeeper, but it is uncomfortable, she can come in time when you want to be alone and rest.

But the engineers found the solution for you. It is a robot vacuum. Yes, this is the 21st century and you can have an own robot. This will the best point in your day, imagine, you sitting on the sofa with a glass of wine after the busy day and watching something clear your room. This is the biggest dream for huge women. And this is chipper than a housekeeper and this is good for men.

Robot vacuum has artificial intelligence and is able to clean the room, even when no one is home. But, first, you should choose your own helper. In nowadays there is a huge choice on the market and you can lose courage because you know nothing about ones and don’t want to spend time for search the information about it.

We can help you. You have two ways to buy your first robot. The first way is internet market and the second one is a shop. No matter what way you will choose, you should know some criterion of the best robot vacuum.

The quality of cleaning.

The robot vacuum cleaner is able to collect small debris and dust much more carefully in hard-to-reach places than a traditional vacuum cleaner. The fact is that due to its small dimensions (height 6-12 cm), it can get under the cabinets, bedside tables, sofas and beds – where it is not so easy to penetrate the usual brush. In addition, the device is able to go through one cleaning session and clean up the same surface up to five times. The principle of its work is as follows: the side brush sweeps debris from the wall and other vertical surfaces, directing it to the main turbo-brush, which directs the garbage into the dust bag. The good indicators for a vacuum are such characteristics: Charging time about 250-300 minutes and work time about 120 minutes.


There are robotic vacuum cleaners with a suction force of 30 to 120 watts. The average value is 60-65 watts. Usually, the higher the power consumption, the higher the suction power. This is due to the fact that the volume of modern batteries can not be so large as to maintain a high suction force during the entire period of ordering. However, the quality of cleaning is still high due to the principle of operation of such a vacuum cleaner. Therefore, if the apartment is heavily polluted, there are animals, floor carpets in the house, then you should choose a vacuum cleaner with a power of more than 60 W.

Size and shape of the robot vacuum.

The smaller the robot vacuum cleaner is more “nosy“. These clever helpers have a round or semicircular shape that helps them to bypass the corners and do not touch the counter objects. Typically, robotic vacuum cleaners weigh about three kilograms, the newest models have a height of 9 centimeters or slightly less.

Additional features

A number of models have additional functions. For example, some vacuum cleaners are equipped with an ultraviolet lamp. It disinfects the surface after cleaning. Such models will suit families where there are small children who like to play on the floor.

So, as you see, you can choose a robot vacuum for the different purse and wishes. But you must know what you want from you’re a new helper.

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